DropBox Help Requested

I’m nearing my DropBox space limit but don’t really need the 50GB available through a paid upgrade, so it would be fantastic if a few of you would sign-up for an account through my referral link. It only takes a minute and I would greatly appreciate it. (Thanks to Scott for the suggestion to do this).

10 thoughts on “DropBox Help Requested

  1. Anik Chaudhry

    How many referral acceptances do you need, I can probably get a few friends of mine to accept some.

  2. Bill Batterman Post author

    I'm not sure how many I need; I have 4.5GB now and Scott says it goes up to 10. I think it's .5GB per referral, so that would mean 11 people?

    I appreciate the help!

  3. Bill Batterman Post author

    A bunch of people signed-up through the referral link — I appreciate it! However, I guess you actually need to install DropBox in order for the referral credits to go through. Obviously a hassle, but I would greatly appreciate it… Thanks again!

  4. mikebenning

    I'm a new Mac Dropbox user trying to share an existing file. Both in Desktop and in the Website, when I click on "Dropbox", the "Browse on Dropbox Website" and the "Show Deleted Files" commands appear, but the "Share This Folder" command does not appear. What am I doing wrong? mikebenning

  5. Scottyp4313nr Post author

    on the website, go to the files tab. Place your mouse over the folder and on the right side a downward pointing triangle will appear, put your mouse over that and a dropdown menu will appear including "invite to folder"

    1. mikebenning

      Thanks. But that triangle opens to "Previous Version", "Download Files", "Move", "Rename", Copy to" and "Delete". There's no "Invite to Folder".

  6. Scottyp4313nr Post author

    For me that is what happens when i get the dropdown on an individual word document (you can't share those individually) not a file folder

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