NDCA Finals

Kinkaid vs. Bronx

Kinkaid (neg) defeated McDonogh on a 3-0 (T—health care); Bronx (neg) defeated GBS on a 2-1 (States/Politics/Case, Roy Levkovitz and Cody Forrester agreed, Alex Lamballe dissented). I’m at the airport but I assume this debate is well underway. Someone please post a comment with the decision!

4 thoughts on “NDCA Finals

  1. Francisco

    Bronx Defeated Kinkaid. Don't know whether it was a 3-0 or not.

    Also clarification above in semis it was a 2-1 for bronx (Roy, Cody Forrester agreed, Alex Lamballe dissented. Kevin was judging the other semis debate.

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