NDCA Clearing teams

Not debating in partials

Beacon DF

Bronx ME

Carrolton DG

Hooch CR

Damien GE



Kinkaid KB

Lexington VE

Mcdonogh RB


Westminster TA

Woodward PP

5 thoughts on “NDCA Clearing teams

  1. Interested User

    I don't know for sure, but is Beacon the only public school that broke?

    Or can anyone do analysis on this factor?

  2. anon

    beacon, bronx, hooch, gbn, gbs, and lex are. if you're counting partials, mtn brook is too. the rest aren't, except mcdonogh, about which i'm unclear.

  3. Susan

    McDonough School tuition = $22,520 for grades 9-12 day school, book fees vary.
    It is not as expensive as many privates.
    McDonogh is a non-denominational, college preparatory, co-educational day and boarding school

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