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I have repeatedly attempted to get Batterman to post tournament dining guides but apparently he wants all the tasty food for himself. Since NDCA is in DC I figured I would throw out some suggestions, some near Gtown, some not.

1. Good Stuff Eatery – from former top chef contestant Spike- they have a toasted marshmellow milk shake. That should be all I have to say

2. Fishers and Farmers– This is at the waterfront which is pretty cool. Organic food but still delicious. They have another restaurant more downtown called Founding Farmers

3. Baked and Wired– Good cupcakes, alleged better than Georgetown Cupcake

4. Bourbon Steak– Amazing, their 3 kinds of fries appetizer which is free is worth the trip alone

4.Leopold’s– some kind of austrian bistro or something. Delicious food and great deserts.

5. Clyde’s– a staple

6. Pizzeria Paradiso – good pizza

7. old Glory– BBQ, good in a pinch

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  1. Bill Batterman

    Scott is right: I have been negligent in my food-recommendation-duties and will endeavor to do better in the future.

    Man vs. Food did a Washington, DC episode in season two; Adam Richman visited three spots, but one was in Annapolis (Chick & Ruth's Delly). The other two are actually in DC:

    1. Horace & Dickie's, a takeout fish place in Northeast DC; the Washington Post did a review in 2007. It looks like about a 15-minute drive from Georgetown, but the closest Metro station is almost a mile away.

    2. Ben's Chili Bowl, a landmark restaurant (the front page of their website has a photo of Obama eating there) on U Street that specializes in chili dogs. It is open late and right by the U Street Metro station, so it is probably a good option for debate teams; if you're driving, it's less than ten minutes from Georgetown.

    Diners Drive-Ins and Dives has only visited one DC-area spot (they've done a bunch in Baltimore, but while that trip is pretty easy it is probably too long for anyone attending the tournament): Tastee Diner in Bethesda. They actually have three locations: Silver Spring (~20 minutes from Georgetown), Bethesda (also ~20 minutes), and Laurel (much farther, ~40 minutes). Tastee seems like a pretty awesome diner, but I'm not sure if it's worth the rather lengthy trek.

    DC also has a pretty good barbeque reputation (at least for an East Coast city). Two places are very close to Georgetown:

    1. Rocklands Barbeque: I've never been here so I can't vouch for its quality, but the reviews look extremely good and their website has all the traits I look for in a barbeque joint. It's about a mile north of Georgetown on Wisconsin Avenue—Google Maps pegs it as about a 25 minute walk from the center of campus. One thing to note: it's only open until ten, so I think we'll be hitting this on Friday night after we get in just to be safe.

    2. Old Glory Bar-B-Que: I'm definitely going to check this one out because it's right on the other side of the river from the tournament hotels, mere minutes from Georgetown. It's reputation online is not as good as Rocklands' and it seems like it's one of the new "BBQ chic" places (it has an executive chef, for example, and its menu boasts lots of non-BBQ items), but barbeque is barbeque and therefore better than non-barbeque.

    I'll file reviews after the tournament and encourage others to do the same.

  2. Antonucci

    Ben's Chili Bowl is somewhat distant from the Georgetown campus (basically in my 'hood), and I can't imagine you'd find parking. It's by the U/14th Metro stop. On Friday and Saturday nights, it would consist largely of a bar crowd, as the whole u/14th area is one of the best bar districts in DC.

    If there are college kids doing college things at Saint-Ex or the Black Cat or something like that, I'd recommend Ben's Chili Bowl after. Otherwise, I might steer clear.

    Er, I hate to be the one to break it you about Les Halles? Do you know something I don't about this? Did it re-open somewhere?

  3. JP

    It is truly sad that no one has mentioned Ray's Hell Burger which is about a 5 minute walk from the hotel. Ray's is, for my money, the best burger in the DC area. The fries and milkshakes are better at Good Stuff, but if you want one of the best burgers in the U.S., go to Ray's.

    Ray's Hell Burger is located 1725 N. Wilson Blvd.

    There is another place in that same complex called Pho 75 which is generally considered the best place to get pho in the DC area.

    Georgetown is generally a better bet than N. Virginia for food, but these two places are both cheap and outstanding. Cash only at both of them.

    One of my favorite restaurants is Hook. They have great seafood and their pastry chef is recognized as one of the best in DC. They also have a cheaper offshoot called the Tackle Box which would be a great place to go for lunch on Saturday if you and your debaters like seafood.

  4. Antonucci

    I mentioned some of this of the NDCA listserv, but that probably doesn’t circulate much.

    If you’re going to be in the actual city at all, then you should go to at least one Ethiopian place (Queen of Sheba’s highly recommended) and Ping Pong Dim Sum, which is a newish place in Chinatown. PPDS really requires a reservation, because of its popularity; I’m going on Friday or Saturday with either debate people or real people, so feel free to let me know if you’re also heading in.

    If you want to stick around Georgetown for proximity, then you might consider 3200 block of Prospect. This is especially useful because it’s set a little bit back from M Street, and offers a concentrated range of price and formality options – starting with Booeymonger’s, a pretty famous sub shop, and working its way up to places where you should probably wear real shoes and stuff. Thai, steakhouse, sub shop, high quality new American, etc.

    I’ve grown really disenchanted with the Tombs because the menu is limited, but it’s the closest and it’s not too expensive. If you’re with students, bear in mind that it turns into a bar and starts carding at like 10 or something, so that’s a little weird. Advantage: super close to campus. If that’s your metric, though, you might just want to get stuff from the chains hosted in the Leavey Center, like Taco Bell or Cosi’s or Subway.

    As a side note, Old Glory really turns into a bar as well, so that’s worth keeping in mind before taking all your students there at 11 on a Saturday.

    I really like Cafe Divan on 1832 Wisconsin. It rarely requires a reservation, but may for a very large party. Slightly further up Wisconsin, you’ll find Heritage India. DC isn’t really notable for its Indian food, but this place is pretty dece.

    I don’t know anything about Northern Virginia; I’m sure there are a lot of chains and stuff there.

    Let me know if you have any other specific questions; I live in DC proper now and lived in Georgetown for a year, so I can probably give some advice.

  5. Someone

    agree with nooch on the ethiopian food thing, if you don’t want to wait long there’s a few good places for it on V street, only about 15 minutes away from the georgetown campus i think (but don’t hold me to that).

    and mentioning ben’s chili bowl is obligatory. probably a little closer too (but i’m awful with spatial stuff, check google maps).

    my favorite place in the city is les halles, some of the best food i’ve had anywhere. but that also almost certainly takes a reservation, it’s probably better for a post-tournament victory dinner than dinner on saturday.

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