Podcast Episode 11: You Asked, We Answered

Fresh on the heels of yesterday’s MalgorCast, we are back with the latest edition of The 3NR Podcast. Clocking in at more than 90 minutes, this episode focuses largely on reader-submitted questions and includes discussions of the following topics:

  • Woodward Tournament Review: Disclosure Award, Division Eligibility, Scott’s Absence
  • Announcement: Will Repko Podcast at the NDCA
  • Next Year’s Topic: What generic counterplans will be popular? What generic critiques will be popular?
  • Roy’s Topic Idea: Forcible regime change in Iran, Venezuela, North Korea, Cuba
  • More Tabulation Discussion: Should undefeated teams that are due the same side debate each other in round 6? Should the Woodward Tournament adopt the Challenge format for elimination rounds? Other tweaks: high-high rounds, MBA system (opponent wins + high-low points)
  • Return To The Game: What would Scott/Roy do differently if they came back and debated again?
  • Today’s Debaters: What do they do better and worse than previous generations?
  • Preparation For The TOC: Risk Aversion, Strategies, Flexibility, etc.
  • K Preparation For Dummies: Preparing to go for a K if you’re a “policy” debater (and vice versa)
  • Judge Adaptation: Do people judge differently at the TOC? Should they?

As always, you can download this episode directly or access it through iTunes.

5 thoughts on “Podcast Episode 11: You Asked, We Answered

  1. Don

    you guys should put together a playlist, the music you guys open with is always great, would love to see what else you guys have

  2. Alex

    What does Roy mean when he says skills development? Just being able to prep and organize files, or is there more?

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