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Live From Woodward: Octafinals, Speaker Awards, & Packets

The Woodward 1st and 2nd Year National Championships have cleared to octafinals in all divisions. Results packets are available from the Woodward Joy of Tournaments page.

1st Year Octafinals:

Bronx Science (NY) BK (aff) vs. Mt Hebron (MD) DW – Cambre, Bottoms, Ceron
Chattahoochee (GA) KK vs. Montgomery Bell (TN) MP – Stafford, Deming, Gulakov
Dexter (MI) CP vs. Milton (GA) CT – McFarland, Burch, Manella
Lexington (MA) PW vs. Dallas Jesuit (TX) KR – Dayal, Lemuel, Kirsch
Mountain Brook (AL) ST vs. Notre Dame (CA) CZ – Marshall, Strother, Izquierdo
Pace Academy (GA) EK vs. Westminster (GA) HS – Zhang, Sanchez, Griffin
Pine Crest (FL) BM vs. Blake (MN) HS – Jordan, Sudarshan, Khamphoune
River Hil (MD) HK vs. Glenbrook South (IL) KW – Morgan, Lingel, Chatterjee

2nd Year Octafinals:

Georgetown Day (DC) HS vs. Dunwoody (GA) GH – Fiori, Sailer, Johnson
Glenbrook South (IL) BJ vs. Pine Crest (FL) MR – Heidt, Kerjiwal, Allen
Iowa City West (IA) DH vs. Bronx Science (NY) FM – Smiley, Pozzi, Forslund
Johns Creek (GA) HP vs. Centennial (MD) GM – Thibeau, Quinn, Koo
Mountain Brook (AL) HM vs. Westminster (GA) SW – DiTullio, McLeod, Grusin
Mt Hebron (MD) AG vs. Glenbrook South (IL) HT – Grigsby, Layton, Taylor
Univ. Chicago (IL) HR vs. Marquette (WI) CT – Miller, Patterson, Elias
Greenhill (TX) BS (aff) vs. Woodward (GA) SS – Day, Cancro, Markoff

1st Year Top Speakers:

1. Madeleine Houck – River Hil (MD)
2. Brandon Canniff – Dexter (MI)
3. Viveth Karthikeyan – Chattahoochee (GA)
4. Jordan Epstein – Pace Academy (GA)
5. David Paolella – Dexter (MI)
6. Jesse Puka-Beals – Lexington (MA)
7. Jake Dillon – Mt Hebron (MD)
8. Philippa Straus – Mountain Brook (AL)
9. Mark Bibas – Pine Crest (FL)
10. Brian Klarman – Pace Academy (GA)

2nd Year Top Speakers:

1. Srinidhi Muppalla – Centennial (MD)
2. Jeffrey Ding – Iowa City West (IA)
3. Jason Sigalos – Woodward (GA)
4. Daniel Fabrizio – Bronx Science (NY)
5. Charlie Rafkin – Univ. Chicago (IL)
6. Marc Jacome – Glenbrook South (IL)
7. Robert Galerstein – Dunwoody (GA)
8. Chetan Hebbale – Johns Creek (GA)
9. David Herman – Georgetown Day (DC)
10. Tyler Thur – Marquette (WI)

Live From Woodward: Preliminary Round Pairings

The pairings for the preliminary rounds at the Woodward 1st and 2nd Year National Championships will be posted here:

Round 1—1st Year
Round 2—1st Year
Round 3—1st Year
Round 4—1st Year
Round 5—1st Year
Round 6—1st Year

Round 1—2nd Year
Round 2—2nd Year
Round 3—2nd Year
Round 4—2nd Year
Round 5—2nd Year
Round 6—2nd Year

Round 1 Ballots
Round 2 Ballots
Round 3 Ballots
Round 4 Ballots
Round 5 Ballots

NDCA Hosts Paperless Debate Seminar At Woodward Tournament

The National Debate Coaches’ Association is hosting an informational seminar about paperless debate during round five of the Woodward 1st and 2nd Year National Championships. Alex Gulakov—an alum of the St. Mark’s School of Texas, a current student at the University of Texas, and the creator of the Synergy software—will be demonstrating paperless debating tools for interested coaches.

The NDCA is recording this presentation so that it can be made available to the community; more information will be posted as soon as we have it.

NDCA Announces Educator of the Year Award

The National Debate Coaches’ Association is now accepting nominations for its Educator of the Year Award from members of the debate community. The goal of this award is to honor an individual that has made a substantial impact on the high school debate community through their service, commitment, and teaching. As Nicole Serrano—a member of the NDCA Board and a coach at Montgomery Bell Academy—notes in the official announcement:

Not merely a teacher or coach to their own students, this individual should truly define what it means to be an educator to the community at large. The NDCA’s goal is to strengthen the ability of coaches, across all regions and styles of debate, with a meaningful learning experience for their debaters.

All nominees must be members of the NDCA in order to be considered. All nominees will be placed on a ballot and the winner will be selected based on a vote of the NDCA membership. The winner will be announced at the NDCA Championships at Georgetown University in April.

If you would like to nominate someone for the NDCA Educator of the Year Award, please visit the online form and complete it by Monday, April 5th at midnight CST.

Live From The 2010 Woodward 1st and 2nd Year National Championships

The 3NR will be providing live coverage this weekend of the 2010 1st and 2nd Year National Championships at Woodward Academy. More than 300 students have gathered in Atlanta to compete against the nation’s best first- and second-year policy and Lincoln-Douglas debaters.

Featuring unmatched hospitality, high quality judging, and a true national championship experience for younger debaters, the Woodward Tournament is one of the highlights of the national circuit schedule for many squads from all regions of the country. This year’s field includes schools from 19 states:

  • Alabama
  • California
  • District of Columbia
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Illinois
  • Iowa
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • Nevada
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Washington
  • Wisconsin

How popular is the Woodward Tournament? The New York contingent includes a large group of debaters from the Bronx High School of Science who endured a 15-hour bus ride from New York City to Atlanta just to compete in the tournament.

Coverage will be provided throughout the weekend here and on Twitter: simply follow @woodward2010 to get all the latest updates.

Good luck to all of the first- and second-year debaters competing to be crowned the 2010 National Champions!

Woodward tournament disclosure reminder

With 2 days left,  this is just a reminder to e-mail me your team name and initials to if you want to be considered for the award.

Also, I’ve been inundated with Woodward Tournament e-mails so if you’ve already sent it to me once please do so again just to make sure I tag that e-mail.

A nice plaque has been made for the winner of each division.  Varsity debaters remind the younger kids on your team too.

NDT Semifinals

Northwestern (Matt Fisher & Stephanie Spies) vs. Wake Forest (Sam Crichton & Will Sears)
Michigan State (Eric Lanning & Carly Wunderlich) vs. Mary Washington (Kevin Kallmyer & Peter Susko)

NDT Quarterfinals

Northwestern (Matt Fisher & Stephanie Spies) vs. Texas-Dallas (Andrew Baker & Brian Rubaie)
Wake Forest (Sam Crichton & Will Sears) vs. Kentucky (Sohin Gautam & Mike Gentile)
Michigan State (Eric Lanning & Carly Wunderlich) vs. Emory (Ovais Inamullah & Stephen Weil)
Wake Forest (Mike Carlotti & Carlos Maza) vs. Mary Washington (Kevin Kallmyer & Peter Susko)

The winner of Northwestern/UTD debates the winner of Wake CS/Kentucky; the winner of MSU/Emory debates the winner of Wake CM/UMW. We will post results as soon as we know them.

NDT Octafinals

Mary Washington defeats Harvard (4-1)
Kentucky defeats Trinity (5-0)
Michigan State defeats Kansas (5-0)
Northwestern defeats West Georgia (3-2)
Texas-Dallas defeats California (unknown)
Wake Forest CM defeats Missouri State (3-2)
Emory IW defeats Georgia CL (5-0)
Wake Forest CS defeats Emory GJ (6-1)

Thanks to Jonathan Paul for the updates.