Breaking Prelim Side Constraints at the Heart of Texas

The Heart of Texas tournament at St. Marks is considering implementing my break side constraint idea so that undefeated teams going into the last prelim would be forced to debate each other instead of getting a pull up. TM wanted to get a feel of if anyone was extremely opposed to this, so if you see a problem/have a complaint please post in the comments.
For those unfamiliar with this Einstein level idea I had in the last podcast, basically if two teams were 5-0 going into round 5 but were both due neg, instead of both getting pull ups they would debate each other. Mahoney has added that the debate would be flip for sides- so the teams would have to balance their desire for an immediate win to be highest seed with planning for the elims (can’t be neg twice).
Edit- ok apparently some people out there aren’t listening to the podcast (I know, LOSERS), so here is a short explanation of my reasoning here:
1. Encourages rivalry/head to heads between the top teams
2. Undefeated teams are going to clear anyway so it doesn’t matter to mess with them to increase competition
3. Being pulled up sucks- a down 1 team who is pulled up and loses could face a very real chance of not clearing at a major, it doesn’t make sense to make them debate their break round vs the best team at the tournament and then when they lose let a worse team clear because they got a better round 6 draw.

6 thoughts on “Breaking Prelim Side Constraints at the Heart of Texas

  1. Scott Phillips

    I would be ecstatic to have a tougher debate, but that may just be me.

    In that case all 3 teams would be locked in a shipping container and only 1 would be allowed out a la The Shield… Hopefully the tournament would of adopted more high high debates, so the top 2 would debate each other in a flip, and the other one would have to debate a pullup.

  2. Robert

    I definitely like this idea. I know I've been on the lower end of the stick and gotten pulled up against one seeds and then not had a chance at getting far in out rounds because of it.
    Undefeated teams deserve to be tested more before a few out-rounds and by the time they've already got the bid.
    I think this is especially true at Wake Forest, where good teams will knock each other out in octas and ok teams will get bids because they are a higher seed.

  3. Nick Bubb

    Is there a reason why a seventh round is not a viable alternative? Scott, you're reasoning here is why an odd number of rounds is a good idea; even if you have to have pull-ups in round 6, then likely do not have them in round 7.

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