Live From Woodward: Preliminary Round Pairings

The pairings for the preliminary rounds at the Woodward 1st and 2nd Year National Championships will be posted here:

Round 1—1st Year
Round 2—1st Year
Round 3—1st Year
Round 4—1st Year
Round 5—1st Year
Round 6—1st Year

Round 1—2nd Year
Round 2—2nd Year
Round 3—2nd Year
Round 4—2nd Year
Round 5—2nd Year
Round 6—2nd Year

Round 1 Ballots
Round 2 Ballots
Round 3 Ballots
Round 4 Ballots
Round 5 Ballots

3 thoughts on “Live From Woodward: Preliminary Round Pairings

  1. Shane Stafford

    so what is the argument in favor of High-High. Especially in a six round tournament? Tournaments used to alternate high-high with high-low but it was tossed given that the High-High rounds just benefit the lower parts of bracket and hurt those high in bracket.

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