Live From Woodward: Octafinals, Speaker Awards, & Packets

The Woodward 1st and 2nd Year National Championships have cleared to octafinals in all divisions. Results packets are available from the Woodward Joy of Tournaments page.

1st Year Octafinals:

Bronx Science (NY) BK (aff) vs. Mt Hebron (MD) DW – Cambre, Bottoms, Ceron
Chattahoochee (GA) KK vs. Montgomery Bell (TN) MP – Stafford, Deming, Gulakov
Dexter (MI) CP vs. Milton (GA) CT – McFarland, Burch, Manella
Lexington (MA) PW vs. Dallas Jesuit (TX) KR – Dayal, Lemuel, Kirsch
Mountain Brook (AL) ST vs. Notre Dame (CA) CZ – Marshall, Strother, Izquierdo
Pace Academy (GA) EK vs. Westminster (GA) HS – Zhang, Sanchez, Griffin
Pine Crest (FL) BM vs. Blake (MN) HS – Jordan, Sudarshan, Khamphoune
River Hil (MD) HK vs. Glenbrook South (IL) KW – Morgan, Lingel, Chatterjee

2nd Year Octafinals:

Georgetown Day (DC) HS vs. Dunwoody (GA) GH – Fiori, Sailer, Johnson
Glenbrook South (IL) BJ vs. Pine Crest (FL) MR – Heidt, Kerjiwal, Allen
Iowa City West (IA) DH vs. Bronx Science (NY) FM – Smiley, Pozzi, Forslund
Johns Creek (GA) HP vs. Centennial (MD) GM – Thibeau, Quinn, Koo
Mountain Brook (AL) HM vs. Westminster (GA) SW – DiTullio, McLeod, Grusin
Mt Hebron (MD) AG vs. Glenbrook South (IL) HT – Grigsby, Layton, Taylor
Univ. Chicago (IL) HR vs. Marquette (WI) CT – Miller, Patterson, Elias
Greenhill (TX) BS (aff) vs. Woodward (GA) SS – Day, Cancro, Markoff

1st Year Top Speakers:

1. Madeleine Houck – River Hil (MD)
2. Brandon Canniff – Dexter (MI)
3. Viveth Karthikeyan – Chattahoochee (GA)
4. Jordan Epstein – Pace Academy (GA)
5. David Paolella – Dexter (MI)
6. Jesse Puka-Beals – Lexington (MA)
7. Jake Dillon – Mt Hebron (MD)
8. Philippa Straus – Mountain Brook (AL)
9. Mark Bibas – Pine Crest (FL)
10. Brian Klarman – Pace Academy (GA)

2nd Year Top Speakers:

1. Srinidhi Muppalla – Centennial (MD)
2. Jeffrey Ding – Iowa City West (IA)
3. Jason Sigalos – Woodward (GA)
4. Daniel Fabrizio – Bronx Science (NY)
5. Charlie Rafkin – Univ. Chicago (IL)
6. Marc Jacome – Glenbrook South (IL)
7. Robert Galerstein – Dunwoody (GA)
8. Chetan Hebbale – Johns Creek (GA)
9. David Herman – Georgetown Day (DC)
10. Tyler Thur – Marquette (WI)

10 thoughts on “Live From Woodward: Octafinals, Speaker Awards, & Packets

  1. Interested Novice

    Why was Madeleine Houck allowed to compete as a novice when she had debated last season? Isn't the novice division limited to students in their first year of debate?

  2. Melanie Johnson

    I think these results are correct for JV Policy:

    Georgetown Day d. Dunwoody
    Pine Crest d. GBS
    Iowa City West d. Bronx
    Woodward d. Greenhill
    Marquette d. UChicago
    GBS d. Mt. Hebron
    Johns Creek d. Centennial
    Mountain Brook d. Westminster

  3. Shane Stafford

    anyone notice that novice policy division was 16 teams and 16 schools! In JV policy, it was 16 teams and 15 schools. That is pretty cool!

  4. Bill Batterman Post author

    If she debated at all last year then she isn’t eligible to compete as a novice this year. We didn’t check anyone’s eligibility: we just took coaches at their word.

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