NDCA Announces Educator of the Year Award

The National Debate Coaches’ Association is now accepting nominations for its Educator of the Year Award from members of the debate community. The goal of this award is to honor an individual that has made a substantial impact on the high school debate community through their service, commitment, and teaching. As Nicole Serrano—a member of the NDCA Board and a coach at Montgomery Bell Academy—notes in the official announcement:

Not merely a teacher or coach to their own students, this individual should truly define what it means to be an educator to the community at large. The NDCA’s goal is to strengthen the ability of coaches, across all regions and styles of debate, with a meaningful learning experience for their debaters.

All nominees must be members of the NDCA in order to be considered. All nominees will be placed on a ballot and the winner will be selected based on a vote of the NDCA membership. The winner will be announced at the NDCA Championships at Georgetown University in April.

If you would like to nominate someone for the NDCA Educator of the Year Award, please visit the online form and complete it by Monday, April 5th at midnight CST.

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