NDT Octafinals

Mary Washington defeats Harvard (4-1)
Kentucky defeats Trinity (5-0)
Michigan State defeats Kansas (5-0)
Northwestern defeats West Georgia (3-2)
Texas-Dallas defeats California (unknown)
Wake Forest CM defeats Missouri State (3-2)
Emory IW defeats Georgia CL (5-0)
Wake Forest CS defeats Emory GJ (6-1)

Thanks to Jonathan Paul for the updates.

6 thoughts on “NDT Octafinals

  1. Trevor Aufderheide

    I'm assuming that the Wake CS v.s. Emory GJ debate was settled on a 4-1 decision? You have it listed as the only octafinal debate with a 7-judge panel

  2. Trevor Aufderheide

    @Bill Batterman

    Wow, I didn't know that was possible. What if one team decided to strike a judge while the other team opted out? Moreover, would you consider it strategic in some instances to not strike a judge?

  3. Ross

    There were ten judges on the strike card and each team received up to three strikes. The reason we got a seven judge panel is that we happened to strike the same three judges as Wake. Similarly, if each team had struck three different judges, one of the four remaining judges would be randomly eliminated for a three judge panel.

    The other octas teams combined to strike 4-5 judges between them, so those rounds all had five person panels.

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