9 thoughts on “Follow the NDT

  1. Roy Levkovitz

    Unofficial NDT Elim Bracket

    1/16 NU FS v WGA BS
    8/9 UTD BR v Cal BJ
    4/13 Wake CS v Emory GJ
    5/12 Kentucky gg v Trinity bh
    3/14 MoSt FK v Wake CM
    6/11 mary wash ks v Harvard JP
    7/10 emory iw v Uga CL
    2/15 Msu LW v Kansas kq

  2. Bill Batterman

    Debate Results coverage of this tournament has been breathtakingly awful. Cross-X.com has been almost perpetually down. It's easier to follow the Women's NIT online than it is to follow the NDT. I don't get it.

  3. Bill Batterman

    NDT Trivia: Prior to (loyal 3NR fans) Ross Gordon and Rajesh Jegadeesh from Emory, what was the last freshman/freshman team to clear at the NDT? To reach the octafinals?

  4. Roy Levkovitz

    Ding Ding Ding, Berkley SW is correct.
    They debated Emory Lynn/Phillips in the octos of the 2003 NDT hosted at Emory. While there is dispute about whether or not this happened it is claimed (Phillips will confirm) that after Craig bit off more than he could chew in the 2ac Reid looked at Wickersham and said “You really F@C**D us this time Wickersham”, loud enough for the 2 opponents and 7 judges to hear. 7-0 for the neg

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