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In an attempt to generate some user driven content, Malcolm and I would like to get some questions going for the next podcast. So if you have a burning debate question you should post it here. The more specific you can be the better, or at least the more specific the topic will be before we go wildly off on tangents as we see fit. While the last podcasts have been about the K, Malcolm assures me he does also know about “disadvantages” although I am skeptical since the two times I debated him he talked about the movie A History of Violence and told me that the Dalai Lama should give land back.

15 thoughts on “Next Malgorcast

  1. Robert

    I'd like to see some analysis on Obama bad vs. Obama good politics scenarios, why Obama good are so much more popular and the advantages and disadvantages to both

  2. Sahan

    Have preformative contradictions disappeared? Ive watched way to many rounds where the 1NC was T, some sorta imperialism/capitalism K (exclusion of voices bad), Econ/ptx all conditionally…
    1. where did all the pref cons go?
    2. how do you win on a pref con?
    3. does condo check back pref cons?

    maybe its just because i grew up in a conservative district but i see no cohernecy when the negative argues on one flow "dont do the plan to save the economy" and on the other "saving the economy is bad" and if i were negative and the aff let me get away w/ it i would conceed turns on one and apply them to the other (ie extend their plan really helps hte econ, they are all links on the cap debate)

  3. Bill Batterman Post author

    1. If the two of you could make a Big Jim-like return to the game, what are the three most important things that you would do differently the second time around (in terms of the way you prepared for tournaments and/or debated in rounds)? In other words, what do you wish you knew *then* (when you were debating) that you know *now*?

    2. Looking back, what are the two or three most memorable debates that you participated in (either in high school or college)? The listeners want some (PG or PG-13) war stories.

  4. Alex

    A bit of a novice question, really generic- how do you effectively debate against and defeat a K?

  5. David Mullins

    I dug the K focus. Roy's answer to your "it a d/a, it o/w the case" indict of Ks is that policy judges are programmed from birth to think probability times magnitude. How should someone who goes for Ks as a counternarrative to the 1ac adapt to these types of judges?

  6. Roy Levkovitz Post author

    Lol, as the policy judges are programmed to think probability x magnitude, the k debaters must have been programmed from birth to make broad over-generalizing claims.

    For the record Mullins, having seen you debate the K I do not think the way you often go for it is inconsistent with what I think is optimal adaptation with more policy oriented judges. It is simply a claim that when a pref sheet is not filled with K friendly judges adapting your jargon slightly will help you out. It doesn't mean you need to read 20 alt solves cards, but phrasing it in terms of the alt being a cp, the K implication having an impact in addition to explaining why it means the aff can't solve.

  7. Adam

    I think adressing how to make Ks less jargony and more persuasive to a judge who is more policy oriented would be helpful. Another thing that might be an interesting topic is the usefulness of reverse politics and ways to run it effectivley.

  8. Jacob

    I want to read a K aff next year, but how do I do impact calculus in the 2ar? I've been usually reading straight-up aff's and the impact calculus seems to be very different.

  9. Choi

    I’m one of the policy robots programmed to think prob. * mag = impact so what does a debate look like where its not run like a DA?

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