Woodward Tournament Disclosure Award

In the spirit of all the disclosure awards we plan on giving out,  I’m glad to announce an award for best Wikis for teams attending the Woodward Tournament 2 weeks from now.

If you feel like your wiki can withstand the scrutiny of Bill and myself, send me an e-mail at Roy@the3nr.com with your school name and initials and Bill and I will go over the applicants during the tournament to crown a winner.

If you are an older varsity debater on your squad please encourage the younger members on your team (who might not read the3nr) to post their information on the NDCA Wiki (you can always sell them with idea of an award).  Younger debaters often do not fully understand the disclosure etiquette (both on the wiki and before debates) so do what you can to encourage your younger teammates to get involved with disclosure.

11 thoughts on “Woodward Tournament Disclosure Award

  1. Bill Batterman

    This has already had a positive effect—kudos to Woodward SS and Westminster SW for dramatically improving their wiki pages today.

    Also, Woodward PP has now been further shamed; their sophomore team now has a substantially better wiki page than they do (but rest assured that if you need the cites to the START DA they read at St. Mark's, they've got you covered; and by covered, I mean they have posted cites for two cards). For shame, Woodward PP!

  2. Andrea

    Props to Bronx Sci kids for going out and pestering people to disclose on the wiki (and doing a great job themselves!), and props to Marist MM for disclosing a substantial amount before the contest was even announced!

  3. Tom Cameron

    Is it only for each individual? I've run our whole team's wiki since I was the one that first started putting cites up and was wondering if I could still enter.

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  5. Robert

    I'm confused. I've debated with a Junior the whole year who I will not be attending Woodward with and the partner I will be taking to Woodward I've only debated with once. Should I post all of the cites from that one tournament on a new wiki or should I try to salvage all of the 1AC's and politics scenarios I've read with my normal partner?

  6. SP

    I am a huge fan of supporting disclosure and the idea that cites should be made available to everyone but it seems like the race to put up the most cites on the wiki is actually counterproductive. Wikis that have unnecessary things like EVERY impact defense front line or A-Spec overviews or K's said team has read only once are not only incredibly difficult to sort through but also misleading to competitors who are reading the wiki.

  7. Anonymous

    I couldn’t agree more with SP. The wiki is awesome and disclosing is great but people are turning this award into a chance to mislead and make the wiki unusable. Kudos to Batterman, Roy, and Scott Phillips for putting a premium on openess and sharing but this has sort of gotten out of hand. Its kind of frustrating when you’re trying to prep for a tournament/round and you have no idea what a team reads because you have to sort through 15 subheadings of 7k’s you know they don’t go for and a bunch of generic disads from camp that they haven’t read since September.

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