New Malgorcast

Debate Ronin Malgor the Warrior and I took some time away from our lives of international intrigue in order to deliver a dropkick to the sternum of all those jabronies out there debating the K like a DA.

Malgor Warming up for the Podcast

Topics discussed in this podcast include

-how we are in fact real Americans who fight for the rights of everyone

-How debating the K like a DA is brilliant… only the exact opposite

-Why is everyone else not as smart as us?

– Your big words (like “link”) would work in front of me, except i’m way smarter than you

-When is Framework a necessary argument? Answer- When we tell you it is!

Roy was also along for this podcast- we told him to speak up anytime he had something insightful to add.

You can mainline this mother right into your veins here.

5 thoughts on “New Malgorcast

  1. Roy Levkovitz

    Scott actually posted this podcast first in LD-L where he is quickly becoming a superstar, I hope we don't lose him to that or Public Forum anytime soon.

    Having not listened to the podcast (nor really planning too) debating the K like a DA is smart because it doesn't force a radical adjustment of pref sheets / helps you adjust better for elims. The number of K friendly judges goes down as the tournament runs its course (because the K jabronis are walking home in hemp shoes) which means there is a smaller peanut gallery for the jibber jabber they try to sell. Being able to go for it in other ways is particularly helpful with either clash of civilization judges or in instances where the judging pool is not as friendly.

  2. Anon

    link is important because it allows you to flip the aff advs?

    sure you will always win that the Aff will use a form of IR that is hypermasculine (when they read a heg adv) but winning that, that is the problem and that those hypermascline views of IR create macho posturing that causes nuclear war seems to be very important. I may be treading outside the water of the link, also it seems like isolating those specific links is what is key to beating back the perm as malgor says it is key to fight back the argument that the perm solves the link to the K.

    I totally agree that the 20 card link wall here is 5 cards about each of your advantage is dumb and not effective but explaining it and spening time on it is key.

  3. Anon

    at 10 minutes in you talk about the argument negs make about root cause, y isnt that just an argument that should be backed up w/ a f/w argument that we as intellectuals should engage in debate to find the best way to look at the world where the alternative is a "do nothing" approach. (the small alternative)
    it seems to make a lot more sense if the neg wins that f/w

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