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Harvard Octos

Bronx ME      vs CPS YP

Hooch CR       vs GDS RS

Damien EG     vs McDonogh RB

GBS TD             vs  Blake KM

Westlake MB   vs Lexington VE

Westmin TA   vs Edgemont CJ

Bronx SP         vs Whitney Young HG

Woodward PP vs Hooch ZR

Camp Scholarship for Women in Debate

Stacy Nathan Scholarship

Stacy Nathan was a very successful high school and college debater winning in the course of her career NFL Nationals, the Tournament of Champions, CEDA Nationals and losing in the final round of the NDT on a 3-2 decision. Stacy may be the most successful debater in the history of the Cal Debate program and is a role model for women in debate. Stacy is currently a very successful attorney in Washington D.C. and we are honoring her hard work and success by naming this award after her.

In keeping with the CNDI and the Regents program continued commitment to supporting women in debate we are pleased to be able to offer the Stacey Nathan Scholarship to an outstanding female debater. This scholarship will cover the full tuition and room cost for the scholarship winner to attend the CNDI. Interested applicants should send an email to the institute director Greg Achten at outlining qualifications to receive this scholarship. Decisions may be made on a combination of merit and potential for future success. Deadline for submitting applications is March 1st and the winner will be announced by March 20th.

Topic For Discussion: The NDCA Baker Award

Established in 2006, The David P. Baker Award for Season Long Excellence is presented at the National Debate Coaches’ Association Championship to the high school policy debate team with the highest point total using the tournament’s qualification system.

Modeled to some extent after college debate’s Copeland Award, the Baker is calculated based on a mathematical formula rather than on a poll of coaches or voters. This basic statistical approach to evaluating a debate team’s performance over the course of a season has been criticized by some participants and coaches who have advanced several critiques of the formula.

This article is an attempt to first explain the way that the Baker Award is calculated and then to highlight the major complaints that have been levied against it.

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