Recordings From Blake, Emory, and Harvard

I am finally getting caught up with processing the recordings I have made of debate rounds over the past few months. The following recordings are posted and available:

I will continue to process the remaining recordings and will update this post when they are uploaded to my Mediafire page. As listeners will hopefully notice, I have figured out how to dramatically improve the quality of these recordings while cutting their file size in half. If you downloaded previous recordings and were not satisfied with their quality, please give one of these more recent recordings a try and I trust that you will be happy with the results.

As always, please let me know if you were a participant in one of these debates (or are affiliated with a participant) and you wish for it to be removed from The 3NR. I hope that debaters and coaches continue to find these recordings useful.

One thought on “Recordings From Blake, Emory, and Harvard

  1. Andrew Williams

    Whitney Young HG vs. Rowland-Hall St. Marks AF download isn't working. Can you fix that, that round is one I am interested in listening to.

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