Some recs- Netflix on Demand-Updated

For those of you who have netflix on demand below are some recommendations for debate related (or tangentially debate related) stuff to watch. For those of you who don’t have netflix on demand… get netflix on demand.

1. Penn and Teller Bullshit- this show is pretty well put together in general in terms of deconstructing arguments (although many episodes like the one attack people who think dolphins are more intelligent than people will have no debate relevance but lots of entertainment value) and I watch it mainly for fun. But as I was going through season 6 at 5AM last night there was an episode about world peace and who should appear but Griswold of CATO and cap debate fame. The episode in general had the theme that trade solves war and if nothing else it will give those of you going for this arg in the 2AR some pre written jokes you can steal. Penn and Teller are pretty hard core libertarians so those of you who hate the market may find this show painful to watch.

2. Nietzsche and the Nazis- calling this a documentary is a bit misleading, its basically just a 3 hour university style lecture. That being said, I thought 3 things were great about this

A. Hicks talks like a debater- he attacks weak causality, lack of warrants, and generally makes cogent arguments (whether you agree with them or not)

B. It is VERY well explained so that even someone with no prior knowledge of WW2 or philosophy at all will be able to understand it, and yet it also gets pretty sophisticated at times

C. It’s not preachy- a lot of cards on this issue in particular seem to come from authors so polarized as to have no ties to reality. While Hicks clearly has an agenda/belief he manages to present it without sounding like a fanatic.

3. Outfoxed- while this documentary is obviously specifically designed to attack fox news a lot of the media literacy components are great for debate in general since evidence is increasingly coming from sources that are very similar to fox news (profit motivated).

4. The Atheism tapes- if you have no background in secular humanism at all this is probably not for you. Basically this is a series of interview clips that were too intellectual to make it into a BBC documentary for TV and as you can imagine if it is too nerdy for british TV it is pretty dense. That being said a few of the interview subjects are REALLY funny and a lot of the discussion (though its directed at religion) ends up lampooning a lot of debate arguments (like ontology first)

5. Other misc. documentaries- there are lot on there that I have heard are great from other debate people but that I personally didn’t care for- such as Why We Fight, Crude Awakening, Operation homecoming (particularly apt for next years topic) etc. Definitely worth checking out as you get to watch TV but not feel guilty since you are learning.

UPDATE-Gulakov sent me another link which seems to have many documentaries-

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