3 thoughts on “New Sprint Portable Wireless Router

  1. lazor

    Most 3G capable phones would allow you to tether the phone to the laptop for an internet connection.

    But you definitely want to be careful using the internet on your phone when traveling, the prices can be insane, and that warning would go for using this as well, I'm sure.

  2. Talon Powers

    It's only going to be truly viable when they roll out full 4G networks across the U.S. And unfortunately Gizmodo makes it seem like that's going to take a while. Still a pretty cool product though.

  3. Anik Chaudhry

    Verizon hotspots it rally helpful for me, it comes completely free with my Verizon Fios account and it works at most airports/hotels (the only hotel I tried it on was the one at Blake but it was very helpful)

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