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Went to find the ol Mead 09 card to insert into a block and it took me like 10 minutes. I have not updated the “impact” file I kept a copy of a bunch of commonly used impact cards in for some time.

Then I thought “I could update this all myself…. or I could trick high schoolers into doing it for me!”. Since most of my actions are diabolical in nature, this thought came naturally to me. Anywhoo, I have created a google document open to the public (you can find it mere) that anyone can edit or read. What I plan to do is, from now on anytime I cut and paste an impact card I will add it to the wiki. The styles don’t all quite work out  but I will make a big heading with the arg title just as if it was a debate file, and paste the card. If there are multiple cards for an argument, I will make a rough approximation of how I think the cards should be ranked quality wise and add them in.

Periodically I will take the google doc and synergize it/post it to the 3NR

Some rough rules for this thing- since it is open to all obviously you could be a douche and delete everything or paste a bunch of nonsense, but seriously you don’t have better things to do?

1. Don’t just paste in a 100 page heg file- that is useless. The idea is to have the best 2-3 cards for any impact argument so that you DONT have to weed through a whole big file in order to find what you want.

2. Try and stick to generic things- so for heg- heg solves war. Getting into specific regions hegemony is good for etc. will make it get to big/turn it into a heg file.

3. No need for multiple versions of the same card no matter how sick you think your underlining job was on mead 92- i promise you mine was better

I’d put the odds at 50-50 this works vs becomes a total disaster, so lets see.

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