Famous Debate Cards Quiz at sporcle

Are you a debate geek? Want to test your level of geekery? Check out the new Famous Debate Cards quiz at sporcle and see how you stack up.

Here’s how it works: you are presented with brief quotations—one or two lines—from twenty of the most famous pieces of evidence (cards) in debate. Once you click the start button, you have six minutes to correctly identify the author’s last name and year of publication for each of the cards.

You do not need to provide your answers in order—feel free to skip around. If you type a correct answer, it will be displayed next to the appropriate quotation. If you type an incorrect answer, nothing happens… delete and keep guessing. Answers must be entered as last names and four digit years only (e.g. Levkovitz 2009—not Levkovitz ‘9 or Roy Levkovitz 12-10-2009).

If this proves popular, I’ll continue creating debate sporcle quizzes and sharing them here on The 3NR.