3NR Wordle

I dont really see how this is useful but I got a teacher email about this thing called wordle and thought I would try it on the 3NR


Wordle: 3nr

Some depressing notes include the size of “like” and “zizek”. Many others exist.

1 thought on “3NR Wordle

  1. Nathan Ketsdever

    Its an interesting way to view data. (although it certainly doesn't contextualize or connect the data).

    For instance it might be interesting to see a speech by Obama or the Khalilizhad evidence in Wordle. (heavy emphasis on might).

    "My Top 7 Uses for Wordle" and "Top 20 Uses for Wordle" are somewhat helpful in this regard…although the later gets repetitive. I think its good for analyzing student writing (aka repeated words or for focus)–although there may be better tools online for that.

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