Recordings From The Glenbrooks

Twelve audio recordings from the 2009 Glenbrooks are now available below the fold. The recordings include the six preliminary and five elimination rounds that I judged as well as a “bonus” recording of round seven between Kinkaid and Bronx Science. The debates include six of the top ten teams in the latest TOC Scoreboard Rankings and eleven of the current top 25. As usual, you can access all of the recordings at my Mediafire account. If you are involved in one of the debates and for whatever reason you do not want it posted on The 3NR, please send me an email.

Glenbrooks Round 1 – Montgomery Bell VW vs Hawken EM
Glenbrooks Round 2 – Damien EG vs Rosemount BN
Glenbrooks Round 3 – Cathedral Prep MW vs Kent Denver KM
Glenbrooks Round 4 – Wayzata DM vs Bronx Science PS
Glenbrooks Round 5 – Whitney Young GH vs Oak Park-River Forest HH
Glenbrooks Round 6 – Montgomery Bell HM vs Pembroke Hill BS
Glenbrooks Round 7 – Kinkaid BK vs Bronx Science EM
Glenbrooks Doubles – Bishop Guertin DS vs Highland Park PY
Glenbrooks Octafinals – Pembroke Hill HV vs Chattahoochee CR
Glenbrooks Quarterfinals – New Trier CS vs Lexington EV
Glenbrooks Semifinals – Westlake BM vs New Trier CS
Glenbrooks Finals – Damien EG vs Westlake BM

6 thoughts on “Recordings From The Glenbrooks

  1. Brad Bolman

    Bill's thinly veiled attempt at demonstrating he was one of the highest pref-ed judges at the Glenbrooks.

    ps why'd the other Pembroke one disappear?

  2. Josh

    I think you should post pembroke vs. The Hooch.. or at least explain why it is not worthy of being posted. Please?

  3. Roy Levkovitz Post author

    I don't actually know why its not up, but if any of the 4 debaters or their coaches did not want it up it is their right to have that be the case. Bill posts these as a courtesy to the community.

  4. Michael Antonucci

    Variations on Lefkovitz: A more legally risk-averse approach would be an opt-IN instead of an opt-OUT system. The 3NR is gambling a little bit here. Bottom line: posted rounds = gift not privilege.

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