Damien Wins The Northwestern RR; Ehrlich-Quinn Top Speaker

The Clarion Dewitt Hardy 2009 Round Robin at Northwestern University concluded on Wednesday evening with an awards dinner in the North Shore Room at the Hotel Orrington. The results were announced by Luke Hill, Program Coordinator of the Northwestern University Debate Society and the host of the Round Robin.

Champions: Damien — Reid Ehrlich-Quinn & Pablo Gannon
(10 ballots, split with Whitney Young and Westlake)

2nd Place: Glenbrook South — Richard Day & Will Thibeau
(8 ballots, split with Westlake and GBN, lost to Damien — 568 high-low points)

3rd Place: Westlake — John Baker & David Mullins
(8 ballots, split with GBS, GBN, Highland Park, and Damien — 567.5 high-low points)

Top Speakers:
1. Reid Ehrlich-Quinn – Damien (286.0 high-low points)
2. Rett Young – Highland Park (285.5)
3. David Mullins – Westlake (285.0, 342.5 total points)
4. Richard Day – Glenbrook South (285.0, 341.5)
5. Pablo Gannon – Damien (284.5)

Public Debate:

The top two seeds were invited to participate in a public debate. On a 16-9 decision—each member of the audience received a vote—Glenbrook South defeated Damien. (To be fair, the audience included a sizable contingent of GBS parents and students.)

8 thoughts on “Damien Wins The Northwestern RR; Ehrlich-Quinn Top Speaker

  1. Bill Batterman Post author

    I recorded the audio and Nick Fiori recorded the video. I'll post it–along with 19 other recordings from The Glenbrooks and the Northwestern RR–soon… it just takes a while to process them.

  2. Bill Batterman Post author

    Will–unless the results spreadsheet that Prof. Hill sent out is incorrect, you and Richard won 8. The outcome of your debate against GBN and Westlake's debate against Damien in round seven determined the final standings… you guys had .5 more high-low points than Westlake so you were invited to participate in the finals.

    Congrats on a great performance and Happy Thanksgiving! (And Go Pack! Losing to the Lions on Thanksgiving might be too much for me to take.)

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