Official Dodge Ball Rules

First Annual Glenbrooks Dodgeball Tournament- Rules and Regulations

–          Five on five format

–          Single-elimination bracket style tournament.

–          To start, each team will be lined up at either end of the court. The dodgeballs will be lined up on the midline.

o    At the whistle, each team will have to race to the center to grab the dodgeballs.

o    Before any player is allowed to throw a ball, he or she must touch the endline of the court.

–          If a player is hit ANYWHERE on his or her body, he or she is now eliminated.


–          If a player throws a ball and it is caught by the other team, the player who threw the ball is now out.

o    Once the player catches the ball, one of that person’s teammates who was out, can now come back in to the game.

o    If the ball is deflected off of one player, or a ball that one player is holding, the same rule applies.

§  However, Once a ball is deflected, it is not possible for someone to be eliminated from that ball.

–          A player is eliminated if he or she steps across the midline at any time.

–          Players who are eliminated are allowed to retrieve balls that are OUTSIDE the boundaries for their teammates.