Podcast Episode 7

The latest episode of The 3NR Podcast is now for download and (soon) on iTunes. This episode focuses on negative strategy and includes discussions of 1NC strategy, block division, prep time tactics, 2NR decision-making, 2NR strategy/execution, and several other topics. It’s a long one — we hope you enjoy it.

6 thoughts on “Podcast Episode 7

  1. Limming

    Anyway that you could put it up on the zune marketplace please? It would be nice for those of us that don't use ipods. Thanks

  2. Rishee Batra

    Shoot, now I have to cut answers to "the civil rights act of 1964" makes my aff non-inherent. Thanks Mr. Levkovitz.

  3. Rishee Batra

    Idk, at the round robin he said he wanted all the young ones to call him Mr. Levkovitz so I (blindly I guess) agreed

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