New Podcast Will Be Released Tomorrow

The next episode of The 3NR Podcast will be released tomorrow. This week’s discussion is even longer than usual—if you’re one of the listeners that has complained about the length of our podcasts, we apologize in advance. This episode focuses much more on skills than previous episodes: we cover negative strategy from the 1NC to the block to the 2NR and offer suggestions for improving your strategy and execution. In particular, we extensively discuss prep time tactics and ways to improve your negative debating. Several of the suggestions from last week’s thread are also covered.

Next week’s Pre-Glenbrooks episode will feature a discussion of politics research techniques and strategies for organizing your politics research (electronically and on paper). As usual, we are looking for additional topics: if there’s something you’d like us to cover, please post a comment or drop us an email.

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  1. Agree

    Can you discuss how to write a new kritik if you already have the literature, but thesis in the literature isn't straigthforward?

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