It's greater than the world cup, world series, and world war 2 combined


Many of you may have heard, but I’m thrilled to formally announce that this year will mark the 1st annual Glenbrooks Dodgeball Tournament. My hope is for this tournament in a tournament to become a tradition at the Glenbrooks. Even more importantly, 100% of the profit from your team’s tournament (the dodgeball one) entry fees will go to the National Association of Urban Debate Leagues and an LD charity that will be chosen soon.

Here’s the deal.
Location: Glenbrook South High School Fieldhouse. Finding it will be easy once you get to GBS. Maps will be available.
For Varsity CX, Public Forum and Student Congress participants, this will mean you stay at your location.
For Novice/JV CX, LD and Speech participants, this will mean you need to manage to make your way over to GBS. This is a three-five minute drive from Glenbrook North and 15 minute drive from New Trier.

Time: ASAP following the conclusion of events on Day one (Saturday, November 21st). At the latest, this means around 8pm. Thankfully, the events that traditionally end sooner are the ones where participants will have time to make there way over to GBS. Varsity CX, SC and PF teams obvioulsly don’t have a long trip.

What: Dodgeball! (no wrenches allowed). The format is five players against another five, single elimination round tournament. Just like the one’s that will take place on Sunday and Monday. Each school can enter as many teams as they wish as long as each Dodgeball team has five players.

How to sign up: Two options. You can email me at with your school name, the number of teams that will be entered, and the roster for each of those teams. Note, if you are entering more than one team, please specify which players are on what team. This will mean we have your team on record so at registration all you have to do is check in and pay your entry fees (will be explained later). This option is easiet for you as well as the dodgeball tournament staff.
Second option. Simply sign up your teams and pay your tournament entry fees at the debate tournament registration on Friday night. Note: This means those teams will not receive premium placement in terms of first round byes.

What is required: A fifteen dollar entry fee for each dodgeball team. Not each school, each dodgeball team that is entered. Again, the Glenbrooks are making no money from these proceeds. 100% of the profit will go to the charities mentioned above.

I hope you all will consider this excellent opportunity to have some fun in the midst of heated competition while supporting the activity we all enjoy. If you have any questions/comments/suggestions or want to sign up, please don’t hesitate to email me at

See you in a few weeks,