How To Download An Offline Copy of the NDCA Wiki

Ryan Ricard has provided simple instructions for downloading an offline copy of the NDCA wiki so that you can open it even when you don’t have access to an internet connection. To make things even easier, I have added Category code to each of the 2009-2010 policy pages; this allows you to access the category page and a listing of only the pages categorized as “Cross-Examination/Policy 2009-2010”. In order to be listed, a page must include [[Category:Cross-Examination/Policy 2009-2010]]—this can be added anywhere on the page. The best way to do this is to begin the page with __TOC__ [[Category:Cross-Examination/Policy 2009-2010]]. This adds a table of contents and makes sure that the page gets listed on the category page. The ability to download an offline copy of the wiki has been a frequent request; hopefully this solution will be helpful.

3 thoughts on “How To Download An Offline Copy of the NDCA Wiki

  1. Vinay P

    @A Miles:

    While it’s possible to write a script that would save a local copy of the wiki every time you connect to the internet, that would probably put an immense amount of strain on the NDCA server, particularly if a large number of users chose to implement the script at the same time/around the same time. And if you kept that script running regularly, it would only exacerbate the problem. Think of it like this: Every time you turn on your computer or connect to the internet, you simultaneously open every link on the wiki forcing the server to serve you a new copy of each page.

    The reason dropbox is capable of syncing regularly is that it doesn’t consistently download the entire contents of the box, it just stores the contents online and tracks changes so it can download and replace only revised versions of particular files, and considering it’s a filesharing system, they probably already pay a lot for server space in the first place.

    One solution to this is to use Read it later, another firefox add-on, to save every wiki page. If I’m not mistaken, the way it works isn’t to just save a local copy of the page, the way downthemall works, but it makes a “bookmark” in your browser so you can view a cached version of the page later. You can then select certain links to “read offline.” if you “read offline ” those particular links, you don’t end up downloading the entire casebook every time you reconnect, and you can choose when to back up which teams cites.

    Read it later isn’t as easy to save large batches of links at the same time, however, because you have to manually click each link you’d want to view later. I haven’t actually used the add-on in that way, so I couldn’t tell you for sure. If you used the two addons in combination, it would probably work best: Use downthemall to download the casebook the first time, and then readitlater to continually update the cites for the teams whose cites you think you’ll need the most later.

    As a side note, read it later has the ability to store large groups of tabs offline. Oftentimes when I’m cutting cards, I leave several tabs open at a time so that I can cut them when I have time and do so in a methodical manner. read it later stores the tabs and then gives you a suite of options to organize those tabs by argument, etc , and still accessible offline (granted that you selected “read offline”)

  2. Ryan

    AMiles, you could also take look at the recent changes page

    and see which pages have been updated since your last download, then only check those boxes in DownThemAll. If you were really cool, you could write a script that does that automatically, but that'd be a pretty big time investment to save a few minutes updating the caselist.

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