Debate Synergy Videos

Below are some short videos on how to use the basic functions in debate synergy. If there is something you haven’t been able to figure out how to do ask in the comments and I will try to get around to them.

Expando system


Speech Prep

9 thoughts on “Debate Synergy Videos

  1. gulakov

    Thanks for making the videos.

    I've just released a new version of Debate Synergy, with some small updates to the flow template, such as a "bottomline" bar to address the issue RL brought up in the pre-SM podcast about forgetting to scroll down when you flow on the laptop. Cite request macro can now do multiple cards. But most importantly:


  2. Rick

    I keep getting can't execute code.

    I also keep getting a debug error message, what is going on? None of the macros are working and the expando and other parts are not either. This seems awesome so any help on this would be great.

  3. Scott Phillips

    "Bug Reports
    Please send me an email with the following info(

    1. A brief description of the problem and when it happens.

    2. You version of Windows (including Service Packs) and Office 2007 Service Packs (look it up in Word Options > Resources > about)

    3. If you get a Visual Basic error message, click debug and it will take you to the VB editor. The line that caused problems will be highlighted in yellow.
    Copy and paste that line into your email.
    Note: To do anything else in Word, you must first close the VB Editor to end the debugging.
    (Although I don't officially recommend it, then you can try simply deleting the highlighted line that causes the error.)

    4. Press Alt F11 to bring up the VB Editor. In the VB Editor, (with the D8Template project selected) go to Tools > References to see the D8Template References.
    If "References" appears grayed out, close & re-open the VB Editor.
    Validate that your References look like this:
    If you have any MISSING libraries, try unchecking them."

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