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This judge choice discussion seems to be proving that this is getting out of hand- it seems discussion would be much easier if conversation took place in 1 spot instead of 5+. Perhaps some kind of agreement to keep discussion of a topic to the original blog where it was posted (in this case georgia debate)- keeping up is starting to feel like homework

Discuss… but only in this spot

3 thoughts on “Debate Blog Prolif

  1. Michael Antonucci

    I find the prolif *less* confusing because each post goes into my newsfeed. I could subscribe to comments, but I'd rather not.

    It would be nice if there was some sort of relatively neutral ground for discussion that wasn't subject to random edits, like a forum or something. I wish someone would invent that.

  2. Nathan Ketsdever

    There are several technical options available:

    1) Make a mini-Alltop of debate blogs via a wordpress template

    2) widgetize each blog and post on the widgets to a Wiki or WP blog.

    3) find a lifestreaming application that will let you insert multiple blogs and create a "stream" of all the debate blogs. (it would be awesome if the stream could separate debate strategy from tournament results–especially sense people in the future will likely be focused on the former rather than the later)

    4) Finally Netvibes, Protopages, Pageflakes, and Yahoo Pipes all offer possible solutions for taking RSS feeds and making them easily accessible. All the first three seem to only offer 10pt characters–but I'm sure their are end runs available to these limits.

    5) Jim Groom at Mary Washington College has done this with their blogs. He strings RSS feeds from distributed blogs onto more centralized blogs which serve as dashboards.

    It does seem to make sense that this de-centralization could be solved by people simply asking to guest post here or at NDCA or elsewhere.

    I'm not sure what effect these aggregator systems will have on the conversation–but it will make it theoretically easier to keep up with. Ultimately, any of the above solutions could be put together in 30 to 60 minutes I believe.

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