Collaborative Research Project-Updated X3

I want to run a little bit of an experiment. What I want to do is run a debate camp lab style research assignment during the year. The final product will be released to the public along with a review of how things went (in my opinion). In order for this to work I will need 10 volunteers who wish to participate. More explanation below the fold

UPDATE 3- There has been some attrition so Hegemony and Hospitality are now once again available.  The target date is still before the Glenbrooks so things have started already, the first assignment will be due probably Monday so if you are on the fence time is running out.

For the test run each kid will get 1 argument to write a 5 page file to. Each 5 Page file will consist of  a 2 page 1NC of 3 cards and 2-3 analytics, 2 pages of written/blocked extensions for the neg block, and 1 page of outline for debating the issue in the 2NR.  The 10 issues that will be covered are :

1. Predictions fail- Tetlock

2. Hospitality ethic/fasching

3. Neoliberalism/santos

4. Biopower/foucault

5. Hegemony/kagan

6.  Economic decline/mead

7. Reject low probability/resher

8. Social Services coming now/non uniques da

9. diseases cause extinction/general

10. terrorism causes US retaliation

11. Free trade solves war

The Bold are now taken- I’ll be doing free trade as the demo.

Some rules:

1. everything must be done using the debate synergy system, so if you can’t get that to work this isn’t for you

2. This will be made public, so you can’t use evidence from your team that people would be angry about you revealing

3. There is a lot of camp evidence on these issues and some of it is really good. While we will want the best cards possible and that may mandate using a good card from camp emphasis will be on original research


This will go in 3 waves. For each wave you will get an email from me with an outline of what I want you to do and an example. Then you will do the work and send it to me for review. For the next wave you will get back your work with comments done in microsoft word and some new instructions for what to do next. Each wave will last about 1 week ending hopefully before the glenbrooks.

If you would like to participate please post a comment with your:

-full name


-what argument you want to do

-why you should be picked

I have no idea what the demand will be for this, so its possible only 5 kids will do it and get their pick, or maybe 20 will want it and then I will pick who gets in based on some random combination of first come first served and strength of reasoning.

7 thoughts on “Collaborative Research Project-Updated X3

  1. Noah

    -full name
    Noah Goetz
    St. Mark's
    -what argument you want to do
    Econ decline
    -why you should be picked
    1. I am good at cutting cards
    2. I am committed
    3. I want to practice writing blocks
    4. I always read the 3nr and listen to the podcast

  2. Britain Kennedy

    -full name
    Britain Kennedy
    -what argument you want to do
    -why you should be picked
    I've always been a K debater, and I'm very dedicated. I've listened to every podcast and I want some block practice.

  3. akessler

    – full name
    Andre Kessler
    – school
    – what argument you want to do
    diseases cause extinction/general
    – why you should be picked
    I cut good cards quickly, I'm dedicated, and I read the3nr/spdebate. Also, my aff has a disease advantage which I've been debating since camp.

  4. Scott Phillips

    Ok you are all in. In my infinite wisdom I forgot to include that I would need some way of contacting you. I think what I am going to do is create a google group for this biz- so please send an email from a gmail address to and I will add you to the list.

  5. Steve Caputo

    -full name
    Steve Caputo
    St. John's
    -what argument you want to do
    -why you should be picked
    After listening to the small schools podcast, I think it will help a lot
    Plus I have a lot of time and am committed to doing the work

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