Vote Today To Support Detroit Urban Debate Education

The Detroit Urban Debate Education project is one of eight finalists for the October ideablob contest. Unfortunately, they are way behind the first place project in the voting—it would be great if all of our loyal 3NR readers would take a few minutes to change that.

Idea Description

Detroit Urban Debate Education (DUDE) gives students a brighter future by closing the graduation gap between inner city and suburban schools, increasing college enrollment and reading levels to exceed top-level schools, and improving the long term economic prosperity of inner cities.
Students across the country reap urban debate’s benefits as they enter prestigious universities like Emory, Northwestern, and the University of California-Berkeley. Our organization works with the University of Michigan and Wayne State University to bring the same opportunity to Detroit’s students.

What will you do if you win $10,000 for this idea?

The $10k prize will allow us to provide the means and motivation to help debaters become more improved writers, speakers, researchers and communicators. On average, urban debaters literacy scores increase by 25%, achieve graduation rates of nearly 100%, and nearly 91% pursue higher education.
We will provide highly qualified teachers and coaches all interested high schools, host a city-wide tournament ourselves that would raise money to create a sustainable debate program, and provide a long-requested workshop to teachers and coaches. The funding will also be used to cover transportation to national tournaments and scholarships for students to attend debate summer camps.

On a related note, the National Association for Urban Debate Leagues has provided some updated information about the scholarly evidence supporting the effectiveness of UDLs including a new peer-reviewed study published in the Journal of Negro Education.

Please take a few minutes and vote for Detroit Urban Debate Education.

2 thoughts on “Vote Today To Support Detroit Urban Debate Education

  1. gulakov

    Unfortunately this company is now bankrupt. Their business model has seemed odd to me, how were they coming up with 10K to give away each month?

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