6 thoughts on “New Debat Tech-Debate Synergy

  1. Rajesh Inder Jegadee

    Sam–I think you have to use Boot Camp or Parallels with a Mac.

    Also, this is badass. Props to Gulakov

  2. Samantha Varney

    This looks awesome, but does anyone know how to run the program on a mac/if it works on macs? I downloaded it but when you double click the quick install portion it asks what program you want to open it with (without the option of running or installing) and I have no idea which application to open it with. Then again, I just recently got a mac, and am absolutely terrible at accessing anything but the basic functions. Any help would be great…


  3. gulakov

    Update: "Things appear to be working"

    Some users experienced compatibility issues upon installation (library not found). It took me a day to identify and solve this problem. Major thanks to SP for helping me test out the solutions.

    Please download DS 1.0.2 here: http://georgetowndebateseminar.wikispaces.com/syn

    Some issues are to be expected in the initial release of a Microsoft-based product, so don't get frustrated if things don't work – keep reporting them and I hope to have any remaining issues solved in a week or so.

  4. kyle eriksen

    i’ve achieved success using debate synergy on a mac via crossover mac. it is a simple wine-based program that allows you to run windows software on your mac/linux machine. you can “purchase” it at your favorite “software store.”

  5. Brennan

    I have a mac and have the new Microsoft Office 2011 but I am still unsure of how to implement the program.

    First – the file is not a zip format when I download it

    Second – I am not sure how to implement the program in Word

    Anyone know how to fix it?

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