Recordings From The New Trier Season Opener

Recordings of the debates that I judged (sans round two—a dead battery prevented that one from being recorded) at the New Trier Season Opener are now available below the fold (including a semifinals debate that I did not judge but nonetheless recorded). As usual, you can access all of the recordings at my Mediafire account. If you are involved in one of the debates and for whatever reason you do not want it posted, please send me an email.

Round 1 – Valley DW vs Vermillion GM
Round 3 – St Marks BM vs Centerville CL
Round 4 – Glenbrook South HJ vs Glenbrook North HP
Double-Octafinals – Dowling BD vs CR Washington CL
Octafinals – Glenbrook South MZ vs Glenbrook North MP
Quarterfinals – Dallas Jesuit DG vs Glenbrook North SS
Semifinals – Harker MP vs McDonogh BR