Special Edition Podcast: How To Debate The Capitalism Critique

The capitalism critique is once again a popular generic negative strategy. Want to improve your ability to debate it on both the affirmative and negative? This special 3NR podcast features a discussion about the capitalism critique between Scott Phillips and guest contributor Malcolm Gordon. Topics discussed include:

* the differences between versions of the critique
* affirmative link turn strategies
* the “ethics” impact
* impacts and impact framing
* how to explain the alternative

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11 thoughts on “Special Edition Podcast: How To Debate The Capitalism Critique

  1. Scott Phillips

    For those of you wanting to research some cap good cards, here is a recent article I found that is 10000x better than the Bandow/CATO cards everyone reads for cap solves war

    The Capitalist Peace
    American Journal of Political Science, Vol. 51, No. 1, January 2007, Pp. 166-191

  2. Sahan

    Ian, so glad your more concerned by the song than the content. Excellent podcast though. Can you do one on poverty representations?

  3. JZ

    does anyone have cites to the boggs card thats mentioned in this podcast? i've looked on several camp files and i cant find it.

  4. David Robinson

    I haven't listened to the podcast, but I've only heard one Boggs article read before:

    The Great Retreat: Decline of the Public Sphere in Late Twentieth-Century America
    Author(s): Carl Boggs
    Source: Theory and Society, Vol. 26, No. 6 (Dec., 1997), pp. 741-780
    Published by: Springer
    Stable URL: http://www.jstor.org/stable/657934

  5. Michael Antonucci

    The end of politics: corporate power and the decline of the public sphere
    By Carl Boggs

    is related. It's more current and a book. I don't know what the podcast says, but that's on google books so you can cross-check.

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