Recordings From The Greenhill Round Robin and Fall Classic

I have started to record (most of) the debates that I judge with a small digital audio recorder. For the most part, the resulting audio files are relatively small (around 70MB for a complete round) and acceptably clear. While I initially began recording debates for my own purposes (in my infinite geekdom, I like to re-listen to debates that I have judged and RFDs that I have given so that I can improve the quality of my judging), it has become clear after talking with debaters and coaches that there is a very high demand for me to share these files publicly. As a result, I will be uploading them to my Mediafire account and linking to them from The 3NR. I can envision several uses of these recordings:

  1. If you are one of the debaters that has been recorded, you can listen to yourself debate. The benefits of this should be self-evident, but it is especially helpful to listen to yourself in tournament competition.

  2. If you are the coach of one of the teams that has been recorded, you can listen to your students debate. Again, it is particularly helpful to listen to them in tournament competition.

  3. If you are not personally involved in the debates, you can use them as teaching or learning tools. Using these recordings to practice flowing, for example, would be a great way to make your flowing drills more interesting and relevant to the topic.

I’m sure there are other uses—feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

Finally, an obligatory disclaimer: if you are involved in one of the debates and for whatever reason you do not want it posted, please send me an email. It is not my intention to harm anyone—legally, emotionally, or otherwise. Based on the feedback I received at Greenhill, it seems like most people are on-board with this project. If you’re not, please don’t hate me for trying to be helpful.

Without further ado, five recordings from the Greenhill Round Robin and eleven recordings from the Greenhill Fall Classic are available below the fold.

Greenhill Round Robin

Round 2: Greenhill KP vs. St. Mark’s BM
Round 3: Bronx Science EM vs. Damien EG
Round 4: Damien EG vs. St. Mark’s BM
Round 5: Kinkaid BK vs. Westminster AT
Finals: Glenbrook South DT vs. Damien EG | RFD

Greenhill Fall Classic

Round 1: Bishop Guertin MS vs. UC Lab GR (email if you want this one)
Round 2: Glenbrook North MS vs. Lakeland CD
Round 3: Dallas Jesuit MY vs. Valley DN
Round 4: St. Mark’s BM vs. Homewood-Flossmoor DH
Round 5: Valley DW vs. Carrollton Sacred Heart HS
Round 6: Dallas Jesuit DG vs. St. Mark’s GJ
Doubles: Whitney Young GH vs. Glenbrook South SV
Octas: Carrollton Sacred Heart DG vs. Bronx Science EM
Quarters: Westlake BM vs. Bronx Science EM
Semis: Glenbrook North MS vs. Whitney Young GH
Finals: Westminster AT vs. Whitney Young GH

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