Debate Firefox Add on

Alex Gulakov has written a firefox add on that is pretty kick ass, you can download it here

It will let you do a lot of useful things, but the 2 best in my opinion are

-organize google news results in a way that automatically formats a debate cite for you

-copy out of google print without having to use an extra program- and this appears to produce a much higher quality image than screen capture software.

5 thoughts on “Debate Firefox Add on

  1. Whit Whitmore

    I don’t use firefox, but I’m considering a switch. Are there other debate friendly firefox apps that people use to make evidence production simpler?

  2. Jason Wright

    Needless to say this is awesome, kudos on the hard work. I haven’t played around with it too much, but it’s not putting the date in the first part of the cite for me in WSJ articles, e.g.:

    WSJ (CHRISTOPHER RHOADS, 9/24, 2009, 9:28 p.m, “Netanyahu Blasts Ahmadinejad at U.N.”,

    This is probably an easy fix, but you should have it double check to make sure the cite is complete, and show some kind of alert (maybe one of those subtle alert bars on the top) if the cite isn’t complete so people don’t copy a bad cite when cutting cards really fast.

    Also – You should make a RSS reader that incorporates some of these – for example I use google reader to do a lot of debate research rather than just searching google all the time. It would make this even easier because a lot of RSS/Atom feeds define the fields for you (author, date, title, etc). You could also give people options about how they want their cites formatted. This could all be done in a similar firefox add-on.

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