5 thoughts on “Podcast Numero 1

  1. JZ

    Not trying to take sides on the Damien aff, but:

    Our federal government has three parts. They are the Executive, (President and about 5,000,000 workers) Legislative (Senate and House of Representatives) and Judicial (Supreme Court and lower Courts).


    However, gut check seems something wrong with having such a minor court doing the aff…

    also, what is your opinion of specifying ground for court affs. What are the theoretical reasons for this?
    Yes, a specification is necessary for a court ruling but aren’t there other portions necessary for a legilsation which people don’t specify (who submits the bill, etc)?

  2. gulakov

    Regarding the tournament times discussion: The time spent waiting for a judging decision can be used as prep time for the next round particularly if the tabroom allows for likely previews of who you’ll debate and on what side. At least in some college tournaments, judges submit the decision via the web system and you can see everyone’s record. When debaters view the debate results tabroom page, they could get a predictive pool of likely opponents by team that includes speaker points and records. It wouldn’t be that different from what’s currently used by debateresults, but it could just organize it so that for each team, there’s teams listed that they could hit if they win and if they lose, and this list is narrowed as more judges decide. No one can get higher than a 30, so possible range of speaker points can also be used to narrow. Judges are narrowed through mutual preference.
    Another thing that follows from this is variant start times. If we’re using the web system, there’s no need to wait for a single pairing to be released. Particularly in some smaller brackets in the later prelim rounds, those rounds can already be all set half an hour before the pairings come out. If the tabroom’s info is more open like this then once your opponent is locked in debaters and judges can go to their rooms and start to prep earlier. Even if you’re the last round to decide, it’d still be nice to know before the pairings come out to which room to relocate to, so that you can start the pre-round prep earlier. This approach would at least minimize the impact that a single round may have on delaying every one else’s next round.

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