Live From The Greenhill Fall Classic – Round 5

Round 5–8:00AM

Bishop Guertin SD vs. Law Magnet CS — Matheson
Bronx Science ME vs. Georgetown Day RS — Mulholland
Caddo BT vs. Benton HG — Jangeaux
Carrollton DG vs. Glenbrook South MZ — Duffy

CR Washington CL vs. Lynbrook TU — Sykes
Chattahoochee CR vs. New Trier KS — Eyzaguirre
Chattahoochee ZR vs. St. Mark’s MB — Crowe
Clear Springs WC vs. Edina AK — Marks

College Prep CM vs. Carrollton UP — Cholera
College Prep YP vs. Damien EG — Osborn
Corsicana MF vs. Head Royce MW — Petit
Dulles KC vs. Colleyville WA — Carswell

Edgemont MJ vs. Coppell KD — Garrett
Edmond Santa Fe VA vs. St. Mark’s GJ — Gaston
Glenbrook North SM vs. Westwood MT — Lingel
Glenbrook South SV vs. Woodward SS — Baker

Glenbrook South TD vs. Millard South HH — Rubaie
Heritage Hall KP vs. Notre Dame CG — Querido
Highland Park PY vs. Bellaire LQ — Manuel
Homewood-Flossmoor DH vs. Millard South SM — Grusin

Dallas Jesuit DG vs. Clear Lake LS — Wey
Dallas Jesuit MJ vs. Head Royce KR — Hamburger
Kinkaid HB vs. Grapevine QS — Smith
Kinkaid KB vs. Edina NS — Schultz

Lakeland CD vs. Coppell BH — Peterson, Brian
Law Magnet WB BYE
Lexington CB vs. Edgemont CK — Bricker
Lexington VE vs. Westminster DM — Tate

Los Alamos NM vs. Dowling BD — Normand
Loyola VP vs. Crosby SD — Talluri
Meadows NR vs. Homewood-Flossmoor RC — Malia
Meadows SW vs. Bronx Science GS — Sanchez

New Trier SC vs. Dallas Jesuit MY — Rowe
Notre Dame TD vs. Edmond Santa Fe HF — Christensen
Palo Alto CM vs. Heritage Hall SH — Cluff
Palo Alto LD vs. Damien VF — Greenwalt

Reagan ST vs. Dowling Catholic DM — Agha
St. Mary’s Hall SG vs. Bishop Guertin MS — Alderete
St. Paul Central QJ vs. Westminster MC — Koo
St. Mark’s MH vs. Grapevine BS — Davis

Thorndale SW vs. WDM Valley DN — Eicher
UC Lab RG vs. Jenks PM — Morris
UC Lab RH vs. Colleyville IW — Stinson
Wakeland AS vs. Potomac RK — Brown

WDM Valley WD vs. Carrollton HS — Batterman
Westminster TA vs. Woodward PP — Sabino
Westwood BQ vs. Glenbrook North PS — Watson
Whitney Young HG vs. Westlake MB — Sharp

Winston Churchill VC vs. Bellaire AC — Quinn, Colin

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  1. Bill Batterman Post author

    The round 6 pairing is up. Sorry for the delay — I have been typing them during prep time of the debates that I’ve judged and so it takes longer if teams save most of their prep time until the final rebuttals.

    I can’t promise doubles will be up IMMEDIATELY, but I’ll try to do it while teams are prepping/before the debate.

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