Live From The Greenhill Fall Classic – Double-Octafinals


Bronx Science ME vs. College Prep CM — Petit, Sanchez, Carswell
Carrollton DG vs. Dulles KC — Greenstein, Peretz, Koo
Chattahoochee CR vs. Kinkaid KB — Marks, Rubaie, Sabino
College Prep YP vs. St. Paul Central QJ — Crowe, Iola, Schultz
Coppell KD vs. Law Magnet CS — Davis, Gaston, Gagnon
Damien EG vs. Glenbrook South MZ — Kall, Duffy, Baker
Glenbrook North PS vs. Westminster DM — Powell, Grusin, Quinn
Glenbrook North SM (aff) vs. Westminster MC — Bricker, Levkovitz, Abelkop
Glenbrook South TD vs. Bellaire LQ — Osborn, Mahoney, Carver
Grapevine QS vs. Damien VF — Mulholland, Heidt, Manuel
Highland Park PY vs. Georgetown Day RS — Martin, Sharp, Turoff
New Trier SC vs. St. Mark’s MB — Eyzaguirre, Hines, Lingel
Westlake MB vs. Dallas Jesuit DG — Jagneaux, Querido, Rowe
Westminster TA vs. Bishop Guertin SD — Matheson, Tate, Peterson
Whitney Young HG vs. Glenbrook South SV — Phillips, Batik, Batterman
Woodward PP vs. Dallas Jesuit MY — Berthiaume, Smith, Tallungan

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  1. jasdeep

    Thank You Bill for putting up posting for every round, its really been nice for all of use who are not at the tournament itself, to still know what going on.

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