Live From The Greenhill Round Robin – Day Two

Rounds five, six, and seven will take place today with the final round occurring tonight. We will provide coverage of the results as soon as they are made available.

Round 5:

Glenbrook North MS vs. Chattahoochee CR — Petit, Fiori
Glenbrook South DT vs. Grapevine QS — Paul, Atchison
Kinkaid BK vs. Westminster AT — Kall, Batterman
New Trier CS vs. Highland Park PY — Jon Rose, Cluff

Carrollton DG vs. Greenhill KP — Baker, Tate
St. Mark’s BM vs. Westlake BM — Manuel, Sabino
Whitney Young GH vs. Bronx Science EM — Crowe, Heidt
Woodward PP vs. Damien EG — Hantel, Munksgaard

Round 6:

Chattahoochee CR vs. Kinkaid BK — Atchison, Repko
Grapevine QS vs. New Trier CS — Petit, Kall
Highland Park PY vs. Glenbrook South DT — Nishioka, Levkovitz
Westminster AT vs. Glenbrook North MS — Sabino, Mahoney

Bronx Science EM vs. St. Mark’s BM — Sykes, Baker
Damien EG vs. Carrollton DG — Peretz, Cluff
Greenhill KP vs. Woodward PP — Crowe, Manuel
Westlake BM vs. Whitney Young GH — Matheson, Munksgaard

Round 7:

Glenbrook South DT vs. New Trier CS — Blank, Abelkop
Grapevine QS vs. Highland Park PY — Baker, Peretz
Kinkaid BK vs. Glenbrook North MS — Manuel, Sykes
Westminster AT vs. Chattahoochee CR — Cluff, Levkovitz

Bronx Science EM vs. Westlake BM — Bricker, Repko
Carrollton DG vs. Woodward PP — Sabino, Marks
Damien EG vs. Greenhill KP — Nishioka, Mahoney
St. Mark’s BM vs. Whitney Young GH — Hantel, Fiori