Live From The Greenhill Round Robin – Day One

The 3NR will be providing live coverage of the Greenhill Round Robin. There is no disclosure, so we will just be providing pairings until tomorrow night when the results are announced. Information about the arguments that teams are reading at the Round Robin is being posted to the NDCA Wiki.

Round 1:

GBS TD vs. Kinkaid BK — Marks, Carver
Grapevine QS vs. Westminster AT — Crowe, Fiori
Highland Park PY vs. Hooch CR — Cholera, Querido
New Trier CS vs. GBN MS — Batterman, Levkovitz

Bronx EM vs. Greenhill KP — Abelkop, Munksgaard
St. Mark’s BM vs. Woodward PP — Kall, Greenstein
Westlake BM vs. Damien EG — Tate, Wisenhunt
Whitney Young GH vs. Carrollton DG — Manuel, Sykes

Round 2:

Hooch CR vs. GBS TD — Sabino, Cluff
GBN MS vs. Highland Park PY — Atchison, TBD
Kinkaid BK vs. Grapevine QS — Greenwalt, Levkovitz
Westminster AT vs. New Trier CS — Nishioka, Repko

Carrollton DG vs Bronx EM — Hantel, Matheson
Damien EG vs. Whitney Young GH — Abelkop, Baker
Greenhill KB vs. St. Mark’s BM — Batterman, Peretz
Woodward PP vs. Westlake BM — Heidt, Ryan Smith

Round 3:

Glenbrook South DT vs. Glenbrook North MS — Kall, Querido
Grapevine QS vs. Chattahoochee CR – Nishioka, Jon Rose
Highland Park PY vs. Westminster AT — Marks, Paul
New Trier CS vs. Kinkaid BK — Mahoney, Fiori

Bronx Science EM vs. Damien EG — Atchison, Manuel
St. Mark’s BM vs. Carrollton DG — Whisenhunt, Munksgaard
Westlake BM vs. Greenhill KP — Hantel, Sykes
Whitney Young GH vs. Woodward PP — Tate, Repko

Round 4:

Chattahoochee CR vs. New Trier CS — Eyzaguirre, Carver
Glenbrook North MS vs. Grapevine QS — Berthiaume, Marks
Kinkaid BK vs. Highland Park PY — Petit, Crowe
Westminster AT vs. Glenbrook South DT — Peterson, Jon Rose

Carrollton DG vs. Westlake BM — Abelkop, Greenstein
Damien EG vs. St. Mark’s BM — Heidt, Matheson
Greenhill KP vs. Whitney Young GH — Whisenhunt, Kall
Woodward PP vs. Bronx Science EM — Cluff, Peretz