Some more Poverty Topic Books

I got this hoping it would be a sick positive peace book, on that front it was severely lacking. However, it does have AMAZING aff on the military tradeoff disad- including specific answers to just about every weapons platform. If you want to run the DA on the neg, tracking down the people it quotes before attacking could be worthwhile.

Freedom from Poverty As a Human Right: Who Owes What to the Very Poor?

Some pretty good aff K answers or fodder for critical affs about obligation/capitalism etc.


Postmodern Welfare: Reconstructing an Emancipatory Project

`This is an original and challenging book about the prospects for welfare in the context of a postmodern global economy. In a searching analysis, Peter Leonard raises key questions about the ways in which the Left might respond to this context through a reflexive politics of resistance. In so doing, he charts a careful course towards reconstructing an emancipatory project for welfare, a course which rejects both the sceptical pessimism of much postmodernist thought and the utopian optimism which characterised much traditional Left politics. The book deserves to be read widely and to be actively debated by all those committed to the development of human welfare in progressive directions’ – John Harris, University of Warwick

Yea- as above- pretty good aff and maybe some good neg pov k business- seems to be featured in the DDI pov K/biopower file.


Transforming Social Work Practice: Postmodern Critical Perspectives

I checked this out after like the 9 millionth T gotta be social workers debate I judged. Some pretty interesting aff for the K if your case deals in any way with social workers.