Drop Box

Some of you may already know about drop box as I appear to have accidentally spammed out an invite to everyone in my g-contacts (my b). Anywhoo- this thing is pretty cool for sharing files, esp. if you are going paperless.

Basically, the problem with using like gmail is that you have to remember to check it and update files. Drop box is a software program that automatically checks for new files and downloads them to your computer making sure you never forget. You can get a free 2 gig account (which if you do files in word is probably more than you would ever need) by signing up with this link.

It should also be noted that this was Roy’s discovery, and he is the best around.

One thought on “Drop Box

  1. Kevin Hirn

    This is one of the most convenient things of all time. It has all of the ease of an http://FTP.. except it is a billion times easier and doesn’t require an FTP agent. Also, dragging and dropping entire folders is incomparably faster than uploading single files to an email. Good find.

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