Mailbag Friday-

The 3nr is going to try something on Fridays that could end up being a dumpster fire but only time will tell.

In addition to any posts Bill, Scott or myself post we will also write / comment about things you all want to read about.

So what do we need from you? In the comment section below type out a topic or issue of intrigue. Keep in mind this is read by a bunch of different people so something like “Bill what do you think of the WI state blah blah” will probably not get picked or written about cause most of us could care less about the cheeseheads.

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11 thoughts on “Mailbag Friday-

  1. jwaizer

    Bill, I would be interested in seeing a post about your logical decision-maker argument based on the Strait and Wallace article. I think that might be an example of a #3 category exploitation of market inefficiencies since it doesn’t seem as though many other teams are employing it in the same way. There are actually two things I’d like to see. First, a discussion over the merits of the argument itself, especially considering the quality of the responses it is likely to get on this site, and second, a discussion of its success in front of/reactions by judges, or whether it is truly an example of a “modification…[that] can pay major dividends.”

    *What I really want is a post about fried cheese curds because I hear they’re really good in Wisconsin, but it seems like Roy is excluding that from consideration.

  2. Bill Batterman

    Great idea, Josh, and I will definitely write an article (probably a lengthy one) about that in the future.

    Everyone else: We’re going to give this Friday Mailbag feature another try this week… check out our Facebook Fan Page for the details.

    Fried cheese curds, BTW, are absolutely amazing… if you’re reading this (and you’re a fan of fried foods) but haven’t yet enjoyed an order of Wisconsin fried cheese curds, you should probably do that as soon as possible. Even better than fried pickles and fried green tomatoes, in my humble (but supported by ample first-hand experience) opinion.

  3. Lincoln Garrett

    I recently switched speaker positions to the 2N. I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on what you think is a solid strategy to approach the many choices a 2N has to make concerning what arguments to go for (both in the block and in the 2NR). I have had only one semester experience, but find myself always second guessing and wishing I went a different route in the block and 2NR.

  4. Kathryn Clark

    I recommend fried candy bars or fried Oreos, both available at the Iowa State Fair

  5. Bill Batterman

    @Kathryn Clark

    Indeed. Fried Twinkies are also fantastic and a staple of Midwestern State Fairs. The strangest fried item I’ve ever seen is Fried Coca-Cola, something I’ve read about but never tried. Any Texans in particular had the pleasure of sampling it?

    Now back to your regularly scheduled Friday Mailbag. 🙂

  6. Whit Whitmore

    The A&W chain sells fried cheese curds. You don’t have to travel to Wisconson to eat them.

    The sushi place I go to has Tempura(sp?) Oreos. The heat/oil makes them soft. I just wish they used double stuffs.

  7. jwaizer

    The A&W ones are what prompted the comment. I had those at the TOC, but I’ve heard they’re much better in Wisconsin because they’re fresh. Bill, if you’ll be at cfls, you should bring some.

    Fried mac and cheese is also pretty good. Also fried ice cream, but that doesn’t really fall into the finger food at state fairs category.

  8. nsucher

    I have always found the 1ar one of the harder speeches to make, especially coming out of a lengthy block. Granted, I have only debated for a year. What is your advice on making a much better 1ar?

  9. Lincoln Garrett

    At the beginning of every camp they start with a lecture on how to do research. Is there any information you can add or build on from these introduction lectures that usually cover “here is why templates are good, here is how to use google and lexis etc.” What are the keys to transition from a novice to a debater cutting files worthy of reading in competitive out rounds?

  10. Lincoln Garrett

    Most judges say they enjoy debates that contain a large amount of case arguments. My question is two fold. What is the optimal way to prepare to engage in case debates before tournaments(have lots of turns? internal link defense? take out the terminal impact? etc.) and how to successfully execute them in the block and 2NR?

  11. Holden Choi

    Most of the critiques I get after a round, among other things, involve being more efficient. Are there any drills or just things to be done that can improve word efficiency? Or is it more of a conscious effort to make sure you don’t repeat yourself?

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