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Recordings From The Glenbrooks

Twelve audio recordings from the 2009 Glenbrooks are now available below the fold. The recordings include the six preliminary and five elimination rounds that I judged as well as a “bonus” recording of round seven between Kinkaid and Bronx Science. The debates include six of the top ten teams in the latest TOC Scoreboard Rankings and eleven of the current top 25. As usual, you can access all of the recordings at my Mediafire account. If you are involved in one of the debates and for whatever reason you do not want it posted on The 3NR, please send me an email.

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Damien Wins The Northwestern RR; Ehrlich-Quinn Top Speaker

The Clarion Dewitt Hardy 2009 Round Robin at Northwestern University concluded on Wednesday evening with an awards dinner in the North Shore Room at the Hotel Orrington. The results were announced by Luke Hill, Program Coordinator of the Northwestern University Debate Society and the host of the Round Robin.

Champions: Damien — Reid Ehrlich-Quinn & Pablo Gannon
(10 ballots, split with Whitney Young and Westlake)

2nd Place: Glenbrook South — Richard Day & Will Thibeau
(8 ballots, split with Westlake and GBN, lost to Damien — 568 high-low points)

3rd Place: Westlake — John Baker & David Mullins
(8 ballots, split with GBS, GBN, Highland Park, and Damien — 567.5 high-low points)

Top Speakers:
1. Reid Ehrlich-Quinn – Damien (286.0 high-low points)
2. Rett Young – Highland Park (285.5)
3. David Mullins – Westlake (285.0, 342.5 total points)
4. Richard Day – Glenbrook South (285.0, 341.5)
5. Pablo Gannon – Damien (284.5)

Public Debate:

The top two seeds were invited to participate in a public debate. On a 16-9 decision—each member of the audience received a vote—Glenbrook South defeated Damien. (To be fair, the audience included a sizable contingent of GBS parents and students.)

Northwestern Round Robin Finals: Damien vs. Glenbrook South

The final round of The Clarion Dewitt Hardy 2009 Round Robin at Northwestern University is underway at the Hotel Orrington in Evanston, Illinois. In a rematch of the Greenhill Round Robin, Damien’s Reid Ehrlich-Quinn and Pablo Gannon are defending the affirmative in a public debate against Glenbrook South’s Richard Day and Will Thibeau. Damien and Glenbrook South were the Round Robin’s top two seeds after the six preliminary rounds. The result of the final round as well as the top individual speakers will be posted at the conclusion of the debate.

Northwestern Round Robin Finalists - Glenbrook South vs. Damien

Northwestern Round Robin Finalists - Glenbrook South vs. Damien

Damien's Reid Ehrlich-Quinn and Pablo Gannon

Damien's Reid Ehrlich-Quinn and Pablo Gannon

Glenbrook South's Richard Day and Will Thibeau

Glenbrook South's Richard Day and Will Thibeau

Live From The Clarion Dewitt Hardy 2009 Round Robin

The Northwestern University Debate Society is hosting The Clarion Dewitt Hardy 2009 Round Robin today and tomorrow at the Hotel Orrington in Evanston, Illinois. Teams competing include:

* Damien (CA) – Reid Ehrlich-Quinn & Pablo Gannon
* Glenbrook North (IL) – Alexis Shklar & Vinay Sridharan
* Glenbrook South (IL) – Richard Day & Will Thibeau
* Highland Park (TX) – Colin Poirot & Rett Young
* Montgomery Bell Academy (TN) – Campbell Haynes & Hershel Mehta
* Westlake (TX) – John Baker & David Mullins
* Whitney Young (IL) – Misael Gonzales & Kevin Hirn

The first four debates are being held today with rounds five, six, and seven occurring tomorrow. We will provide full results at the conclusion of the Round Robin.

Dodge Balls for Charity

Someone found the 3nr because they work in the dodgeball industry apparently and sent me this email. Could be a fun thing if you got your school to accept contributing as a service credit .

I saw you posted some rules for a dodgeball tournament. Although I don’t know what Glenbrooks is, I thought I would send you this link: Please let me know if I can answer any questions for you.

Best regards,


P.S. I also read and liked your laptop guidance blog entry.”

Oh the irony..

Dodge ball Results

The first annual Glenbrooks Dodgeball Tournament could not have been a more resounding success. We held a 64-team, elimination styler tournament. After a grueling six matches, the Glenbrook South debate dads (Zimmer, Thibeau, McLeod, Day) and Harvard bound full-back Michael Hirsch**** were crowned champions.
With this honor, they became the first ever winners of “The Saltzman”. We hope this trophy will become a goal of future dodgeball participants.
Because of many of you, we were able to raise upwards of $1000 dollars for the National Association of Urban Debate Leagues and the Lincoln-Douglas charity, The Voices Foundation.
Yes, the refereeing wasn’t perfect and there were some inconsistencies, but you better believe the tournament will be back next year. We hope to have even more of you in attendance.

Thanks again,
Will Thibeau,

Debate Videos

This recently got posted to e-debate, seems pretty decent.

This is a discussion program that was made in 1992 featuring some of the
most successful coaches of American policy debate.

I have processed three programs from the third series.

The panelists are:
James J. Unger, American University (chair)
William Southworth, University of Redlands
Joel Rollins, University of Texas
Dallas Perkins, Harvard University
Jeff Parcher, Georgetown University

Part One – Evidence, Topicality, Judging, Impact analysis.

Part Two – inherency, structure, generics, counterplans and real world

Part Three – Presentation, Intrinsicness, Institutes and Direction

Podcast Episode 8 – Pre-Glenbrooks

This week’s Pre-Glenbrooks edition of The 3NR Podcast—our eighth episode—features a discussion of several topics that will be helpful as you make your way to the Windy City for the nation’s largest debate tournament hosted by a high school. Scott, Roy, and Bill discuss pre-tournament preparation, politics research, file/update organization, 2AC strategies versus the politics disadvantage, impact turning politics, 1AR preparation strategies, adapting to unfamiliar judges, and a few other topics. All three of us will be in attendance at The Glenbrooks—including the Dodgeball Tournament—and we will be doing some special podcast interviews throughout the weekend.

As always, you can download this episode directly or access it (soon) through iTunes. We have also submitted our feed to the Zune Marketplace—hopefully it will show up there soon, too.